The Fold: Ingression Clé Steam

The Fold: Ingression - Cover / Packshot
The Fold: Ingression - Cover / Packshot
  • Genre: Aventure
  • Note: (1)
  • Plate-forme: Windows PC
  • Langues:
    Allemand*, Anglais, Français*, Italien*, Espagnol*, Portugais*, Japonais*
  • Livraison: Clé Steam
  • Éditeur: Fulqrum Publishing
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Livraison: Clé Steam

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It was supposed to be an easy job, but your dreams soon change into nightmares, and daylight brings little comfort; every morning you awake to a world stranger than the day before. As you uncover deeper and darker secrets of this place, you realize you are changing as well...

Assume the role of a young Norwegian, Amund Vreim, starting his job as a temp exterminator on assignment to the Eikherad stave church in Telemark, Norway. You were looking forward to an easy, relaxing assignment, but you soon realize that nothing is as it seems and as you learn more about this place, you will gain strange, magical abilities. Use them at your own peril however, there might be a price to pay…

The massive church dates back to the end of the Viking Age and both the structure and its surroundings hold many dark secrets. Each passing day reveals new areas for you to explore, eventually leading you into uncanny, mystical worlds; but even places you've already seen will feel unfamiliar and have you question your sanity...

You quickly learn that you are not alone in this strange place. The sense of unease and dread soon permeate your whole existence and with every dark secret you uncover, it is becoming clear that it won’t be long before you have to make a difficult choice. Can you keep your wits and become strong enough to protect our world from the ancient evil lurking beyond the veil?

'Ingression' is the first installment in the ‘The Fold’ universe and will take the player on an introduction to those they call 'The Fold' and their mysterious ancient worlds. Developed solely by one of the devs of Through the Woods – The Fold: Ingression is a first-person thriller adventure with worlds inspired by the Norse people, old Norwegian legends and incorporating horror elements from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

À partir du 1er janvier 2024, Steam ne prendra plus officiellement en charge les systèmes d'exploitation Windows 7, Windows 8 et Windows 8.1. Après cette date, le client Steam ne fonctionnera plus avec ces versions de Windows. Source: Steam

Configuration requise The Fold: Ingression

Windows Minimale

Système d'exploitation: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 x64
DirectX: DirectX 11

Windows Recommandée

Système d'exploitation: Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10
DirectX: DirectX 11

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