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Survivor Squad: Gauntlets Clé Steam

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets - Cover / Packshot
Survivor Squad: Gauntlets - Cover / Packshot
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Description de Survivor Squad: Gauntlets

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Survivor Squad: Gauntlets is a Strategy-Action game where you command a Squad of Survivors in a world where Line of Sight is extremely important, you cannot shoot what you cannot see. Develop your formations, move as a unit and cover every corner. Leave no man behind!

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets

Features Survivor Squad: Gauntlets

  • Cover your corners
    Use your weapons and gadgets to slaughter hundreds of infected in a series of levels with unique events. Gather your group, build your base, craft your gear, level your squad and get to the extraction!
  • Fight hundreds of enemies
    Complete 20 Puzzle-like Editor Challenges that will test your brain and problem solving skills while teaching you the power of the editor
  • Complete editor challenges
    Survivor Squad: Gauntlets also features a very powerful Editor that has been used to build all the Developer Content you see in the game. It lets you place all kinds of Objects and interact with them through hundreds of possible Event Actions and manipulate them with Variables and Event Triggers. Anything from Lasers to Sentry Guns to Buttons and even Custom Interfaces! The editor is essentially a visual programming language so if you can imagine it, you can build it!
  • Build your gauntles
    Along with the Editor comes several tools for sharing and playing Community built Gauntlets. Build a death trap and challenge your friends to beat your score!

Depuis le 1er janvier 2019, Steam a officiellement cessé d'assurer la compatibilité avec les systèmes d'exploitation Windows XP et Windows Vista. Source: Steam

Configuration requise Survivor Squad: Gauntlets

Windows Minimale

Système d'exploitation: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel Dual Core @ 1.7 GHz | AMD Dual Core @ 1.7 GHz
Graphic: AMD Radeon 4850
HDD: 1GB free disk space

Mac OS Minimale

Système d'exploitation: Mac OS X 10.5
CPU: 1.7Ghz Core 2 Duo
Graphic: Radeon 4850 or equivalent
HDD: 1GB free disk space

Linux Minimale

Système d'exploitation: Ubuntu Linux, version 10.10 or later
CPU: 1.7Ghz Core 2 Duo
Graphic: Radeon 4850 or equivalent
HDD: 1GB free disk space

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