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Total War: ATTILA

Dans une période sombre rongée par la famine, la maladie et la guerre, une nouvelle puissance émerge dans les vastes steppes de l'Est.

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28 janvier 2015 – system

Total War: ATTILA - Let's Play Viking Forefathers

In our brand new Let’s Play Video, Lionheart joins James ”Dogbert” Given in an attempt to battle and loot his way through Total War: ATTILA.

Playing as the Jutes from the pre-order bonus Viking Forefathers Culture Pack, Lionheart starts in the distant north and drives his forces south to wage war against the Angles. Over 12 turns of the campaign we see the Jutes grow their riches through looting and for the first time players will get a glimpse of a night battle in Total War: ATTILA.

Pre-order Total War: ATTILA.

To learn more about the Viking Forefathers Culture Pack.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWQ1E1tUxRU

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